A new taste.

The Panigaccio is ready, as well as this revolutionary slow food business concept.
Panigaccio is a famous Tuscany’s food and this format has a strong connection with it.
The Tuscany’s Panigacci, stuffed in various ways and attractive, offers the customer a new and exciting range of flavors ever tested before.
The business model offers the public a place to live a unique experience, uneasily replicated by competitors because it is based on the transmission of specific know-how that is rooted in the centuries-old tradition, as well as in a specific technological research that allows to optimize the preparation of panigaccio and its filling.
The Venturini Brothers have patented an innovative machine for the mixture of panigacci based on the use of the flour type 2, the unrefined and with little gluten one, able to provide a unique flavor to the product and to attract the attention of all those customers careful about what they eat.
The “WOW Panigacciformat is an activity of successful and simple to be started as a result of an effective transfer of know-how and a “ key package in hand “ at the opening of the store.