Panigaccio, the real news.

Being first is always important, but being unique is a rarity that can guarantee the success. The panigaccio is not a product “for all”, but it will offer in all english cities. Where it is sold, the panigaccio has already won the hearts (and palat) of thousands of people. This is not a simple flat bread, but of a real lifestyle that it combines tradition and innovatio, flavor and pleasure of sight.

The versatility inherent in the product allows an almost infinite selection of menu that can range from salty to sweet, or to direct materials promotion with which the stuffed are prepare, providing the possibility in this way to optimizethe average of the store receipt.

The panigaccio target is transversal and the genuineness and quality of the product does not reserve no surprise for customers who, at first curious, are destined to become lovers of product and loyal customer of the store. Not to mention, then, the tourists who love good Italian cuisine and they will find in panigaccio a 100 % Italian product.

The panigaccio allows even intercept users who prefer the classic moment of pause, in addition to the meal before returning to work. Therefore, this “Coffee time” makes the activity positioned in points of the catchment area that can not be reached for competitors in the sector, as well as providing alll’Affiliato expansion of certain business success. The only drawback would be the lack of franchisee resourcefulness.