Four good reasons to choose us.

1. A never-seen business

“WOW Panigacci” is a format which the base is set on a preliminary strong study: from the ultramodern preparation of the traditional product to the preliminary marketing study. The store ranks among the most important catering points of our Country. The panigaccio went from being a simple traditional products to present themselves as gourmet slow food.

2. Know How

The expertise guaranteed by the franchisor and the affiliation provide necessary training for the transfer of know -how. “ WOW Panigacci “ welcomes the franchisee in its high performance chain after a thorough training course that will make the franchisee ready for any business challenge and the proper value proposition of this business.

3. Top layout

The franchisor provides a comprehensive point of sale furniture and equipment useful for start-up according to superior standards, essential to ensuring the correct positioning of the store in any context it is opened. The exhibition it provides, in addition to the patented and unique work tools, even furniture and coordinated image of personnel and communication material.

4. Marketing consultancy

The experience of the franchisor and the familiarity gained in the traditional Tuscany business enables the Affiliate to access a format followed and led in marketing operations necessary to present to the public in the best way.